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Contact Ruben Urbina  Ruben Urbina Student Advisor, Athletic Director

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Everett 2018-19 Dates and schedules

Everett offers the following sports throughout the school year.

  • Fall: Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Winter: Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball
  • Spring: Boys and Girls Track

Interested in playing a sport?

Step 1: Click here to get contact information for appropriate coach or coaches.

Step 2: Contact the coach with any questions and find out the dates and times for team try-outs.

Step 3: Complete the forms below. All students must get a physical each year. The doctor must sign the district form. Letters from doctors will not be accepted!

  • Parent Consent Form: English or Spanish
  • Concussion Information Form: English or Spanish
  • Pre-Participation Physical: English (must be completed in English)
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information: English
  • Opt-Out for Bus Return (Optional)English

Step 4: Be sure to get to the try-outs on time!

Important!!! All students selected for the team must maintain a grade point average of 2.00 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I find a game schedule or who won a recent game?
Go to for the latest information.

Does the Beacon Center offer any sports?
Yes! Girls Got Goals, Scores, Wrestling, and Flag football. For more information, please contact Marco Durazo, Beacon Director, at

Past City Champions

1939-40         Everett Track

1956-57         Everett Track

1957-58         Everett Track

1958-59         Everett Track

1958-59         Boys Soccer

1969-70         Boys Soccer

1970-71         Boys Soccer

1987-88         Boys Basketball

1990-91         Girls Basketball

1992-93         Baseball

1994-95         Boys Soccer

1997-98         Boys Soccer

1999-00         Boys Soccer

2002 .            Beacon Flag football

2002-03         Girls Softball

2002-03         Girls Basketball

2003-04         Girls Basketball

2004-05         Girls Basketball

2004 .            Beacon Flag Football

2005 .            Beacon Flag Football

2006 .            Beacon Flag Football

2008 .            Beacon Flag Football

2010 .            Beacon Flag Football

2013 .            Beacon Flag Football

2014 .            Beacon Flag Football

2015              Boys Soccer

2014-15        Girls Got Goals

2016              Beacon FlagFootball

2017              Boys Soccer

2018               Boys Soccer