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Non-Fiction Studies

Our Non-Fiction Department features an incredible team of teachers and staff who work closely together to provide our students with a rigorous social studies and science education.  Through the History Alive! curriculum, our program emphasizes inquiry research, primary source analysis, critical reading and inquiry as well as role plays and story telling to get to the heart of our nation's history, and that of the ancient and medieval worlds.  In Science, teachers are working hard to provide interactive and authentic experiences for students, kicking off the year with whole-grade field trips to the Academy of Sciences and ending each unit with a full hands-on experiment in our Science Lab.  Students have dissected cow's eyeballs, searched for bones inside owl pellets and extracted DNA from fruit!  Can you say GROSS!?!?!

Students who are fortunate to have gone through SFUSD's Dual Immersion (DI) program receive their non-fiction studies education in Spanish.  The bilingual teachers collaborate closely with their English counterparts, so all content remains the same, only in a different language.  This unique approach to incorporating Spanish Language instruction at our site enables DI students to receive the same amount of Literacy and Math instruction as their General Education peers, and remain mixed with other students throughout the day, outside their non-fiction classtime.