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September 10 

October 8

November 12

December 10


SSC meetings are held in rm.165 @ 5:30 PM

School Site Council Minutes/Notes

2012-2013 Everett Middle School BSC Draft 

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Everett Middle School

SSC Minutes 2012-2013


Sep 10, 2012


Meeting started at 5:40pm in room 214


Attendees:  Ruben Urbina, Richard Curci, Eos de Feminis, Ariana Diaz, , Johnny Gonzalez, Christina Perry

Absent: Valerie Tullier, Fatima Davis-Aceves, Colette Pope

Visiting: Nancy Ayala, Tracy Brown


Standing Items:

-Approval/Changes of Agenda: no additions or changes

-Approval of last meeting’s minutes: not applicable

-Future item: approval of requests for spending, outside of original budget


Action Items (italics denote motions, underline to-dos):

1)   SIG Budget: Tracy to go over proposed budget. Will be final by October. We have more staff than money assigned. Good chunk of the Proposed Materials on hold to see how much will be needed to cover positions. Instructional Leadership Team will prioritize what to submit for rest of money. Any requests outside of the current school budget will have to come to SSC via a new process created. Tracy recommends we hold the computers as they are most easily bought.

2)   Vacant seats: all 4 teachers have served 1 year, both parents are up, community member served one year, ‘other staff’ seat up, Colette served one year, 2 student seat vacant. No quorum to make a decision on details of staggering. Proposal: to stagger in sub-group, start next year.

a.     Teacher election done by UBC for 2 alternates, and one ‘other staff’ (classified and certified).

b.     Rebeca will run parent election: 1 one year, 1 two year, 2 alternates.

c.      Students election done by Mr. Gardener’s student government class: 1 two year and 1 one year and alternates.

Due by October 15th.

3)   Bylaws: amend article IX to add staggering when we have quorum. Chairperson to update bylaws and file. Put on website.

4)   Principal’s report on CST: highest CST in last 5 year, double-digit growth in all areas including sub-groups. Each month Everett will focus on Character Attributes with community circles having lessons.

a.     Science 8th grade below basics almost doubled and warrants some further indication.

b.     Reclassification rates for ELs are at 15.8% up fro 3.8% in 2008. Target is 25%.

c.      Incoming current 6th grade and also now 7th have some of the highest incoming academic levels in the last 10 years.

d.     More good news throughout the presentation


Adjourned around 7pm. Thank you everyone and Ruben for arranging the food.



Next month’s agenda item:

1)   Final SIG budget

2)   Distribute electronic copy of updated bylaws

Swearing in of new officers (Nov)

School Site Council Bylaws




The name of this committee shall be the Everett Middle School Site Council.




Section 1.The purpose of this council shall be to:


1.  Develop and recommend the School Site Plan, which incorporates the results of the Program Quality Review (PQR).


2.  Have ongoing responsibility to collaboratively review with the principal, teachers, other school personnel, parents, community members and students the implementation of the school improvement program and to assess periodically the effectiveness of the program.


3.  Annually review the school improvement plan, establish a new school improvement budget consistent with the California Education Code, and if necessary, make modifications in the plan to reflect changing needs and priorities.


4.  Take other actions as required by the Education Code.


Section 2.  Protocol for Proposals:  The SSC has the authority to set aside discretionary funds from the school budget.  Teachers, parents and other school personnel may present requests to the SSC for categorical funds set aside by the Council for this purpose.  The proposals shall be presented in writing and in person to the SSC and must be related to specific Goals and Objectives of the School Site Plan.  The author(s) shall be present at the SSC meeting for questions but not for deliberations and voting.  Theprotocol for the presentation and approval of proposals is in Appendix 1.  At completion of approved activity or purchase, the person or persons responsible for the proposal will again present an evaluation and expenditure report to the SSC.  Receipts and expenditures will be reviewed by the SSC to ensure compliance with the purpose of the proposal as approved.


Section 3.  The SSC has the authority to request information and/or reports from the Leader Teams and Department Groups.





Section 1. The council shall be composed of the principal and representatives of: teachers elected by teachers at the school; other school personnel elected by other school personnel at the school; parents of students attending the school.  The council shall be constituted to ensure parity between (a) the principal, classroom teachers, and other school personnel; and (b) equal numbers of parents and students.  Classroom teachers shall comprise the majority of those persons representing the school staff.


Section 2.  The membership of this committee shall include a minimum of 12 members and shall not exceed 16.  One-quarter shall be students; one quarter shall be parents or community members; one –half school staff; of the group, a majority are teachers.


Section 3.  Resignations will be accepted only upon written notification to the committee.


Section 4.  Alternates.  If a member for any reason can no longer serve on the Council, the next alternate will fill the vacant position.  An elected alternate will fill the vacant position.  An elected alternate may be seated in place of an absent committee member.  Any seated alternate shall have voting poser for the meeting at which he/she is seated.


Section 5.  Information Required by SSC Members.  Prior to the first meeting, members of the SSC shall attend an in-house orientation.  All material shall be translated for non-English speaking members.  All members should receive the following:


§  Everett SSC Bylaws

§  A school organizational chart

§  A list of all categorical funds and accounts held in the name of Everett, including their purpose, procedure for managing and oversight, if applicable.



Section 6.  Termination of Membership.  Membership will automatically terminate for any member who is absent from (two) consecutive meetings without notification to a committee officer.  The committee, by affirmative vote of two-thirds of all members of the committee, may suspend or expel a member for cause after written notification of the committee.


Section 7.  Elections.  The election procedures will be consistent with the District policy.  Teachers, Parents, community members and students shall serve for a two-year term, but may be elected for an additional term.  Elections will be held bi-annually in October for four teachers, and one classified staff and to fill vacant positions.  Principal is the only seat given to current principal.  All other seats must be done through an election.  No SSC seats can be saved for an individual without going through the election process. 



Section 1.  The officers of this council shall be a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and a recording secretary.


Section 2.  Election and Term of Office.  The officers of the SSC shall be elected biannually by majority vote of the committee members and shall serve for two years and stand until each successor has been elected and qualified to assure continuity.


Section 3.  Student members of the SSC may be elected to any office except that of chairperson.





Section 1.  Meetings shall be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month promptly at 5:30 pm unless changed by the membership.


Section 2. Twelve members (six members of which shall be parents, community and students) shall constitute a quorum.  A simple majority of those present is required to constitute a valid vote.


Section 3.  Robert’s Rules of order will be followed in all meetings.




These bylaws may be amended at any regular meetings by a two-thirds vote of the membership.




Section 1.  It shall be the duty of the chairperson to preside at all meetings.


Section 2.  In the absence or disability of the chairperson, the vice-chairperson shall assume the duties of the chairperson.


Section 3. Should both senior officers be unavailable, the recording secretary shall preside.


Section 4.  The recording secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings.  The minutes will be read, approved and signed by the chair and the principal.  Corrections and changes will be noted in the minutes of that day’s meeting.  The secretary will be responsible for filing the following:


o   Minutes from all meetings

o   Meeting Agendas

o   Sign-in forms

o   All proposals, reports and pertinent documentation considered in the SSC meetings.





                           It shall be the duty of all council members to:


                           Attend all meetings, if possible.


Accept positions as officers or subcommittee members unless unable to carry out the duties entailed.




Section 1.  All officers shall be elected at the first or second meeting held during the academic school year.


Section 2.  New officers shall assume their duties upon election.


Section 3.  No member shall hold the same office more than two years in succession.


Section 4.  Should an office resign before new elections are held the chairperson shall appoint a member in good standing to assume the office until the next regular meeting when the vacancy could be filled.





Section 1.  The chairperson shall appoint such committees as he/she considers necessary at any time, or as directed by a majority of the members present.