About Us

Our Vision


Everett Middle School is committed to being an exemplary school in which students are empowered to change the world.

Our Core Values

At Everett, we…

…act and reflect with purpose.

…demand excellence and show love.

…embrace culture, knowledge, and expertise.

…foster a safe and joyful environment.

…collaborate as a means and an end.

Our Character Traits

Character Traits

What This Means





Staying true to your values and beliefs




The power to persevere despite obstacles




Demonstrating social awareness and empathy



Working collaboratively towards a common goal





The power to seek out new skills on one’s own or in school



Taking responsibility for one’s words and actions

Where We're Going...

Our school is leading the way for instructional innovation across all district Middle Schools.  Thanks to several generous grants (SIG, QEIA, Promise Neighborhood, SalesForce STEM/iPad) we have been able to take on a number of initiatives in the areas of Balanced Literacy, the Common Core State Standards, Non-Fiction Studies, Response to Instruction and Intervention and Restorative Practices.  These will be our areas of focus over the next few years and our efforts remain firmly rooted in these key initiatives.  Our vision is truly to become an exemplary school, modeling high levels of implementation in every area of school life for our colleagues across the district, state and country.  We welcome any educator or school leader who wants to visit our classrooms and learn from the amazing work of our staff.