Gifted and Talented Education Program

Everett Middle School has a budding GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program in which teachers differentiate instruction on a daily basis and the coordinator organizes supporting outings and enrichment activities. Please look at the outline below for the elements of GATE at Everett Middle School!

Differentiation in the Classrooms - Small group exercises, differentiated assignments, individualized learning using online tools such as IXL for math, and LSAT/SAT logic problems.

Honors Track for Math - Students who qualify for Algebra I at the end of 6th grade are able to take it in 7th grade instead of 8th grade. These students can then take Geometry class in 8th grade.

826 Valencia - Volunteers from this organization come to work with the students on writing projects. Students are able to get individualized attention through having 1 tutor per every 2 or 3 students.

VAPA (Visual And Performing Arts Program) -  District funded program that includes orchestra and band classes and a multi-media art class. A vocal class is also funded through the school.

Leadership Class - An elective class that fosters leadership skills and promotes a positive school climate. Projects include using technology for presentations, learning peer mediation skills, creating the school newsletter and organizing school events, community service, and debates.

Luncheons - Extension activities during lunchtime allow for extra interests to be addressed through activities such as brainteasers, logic problems, writing projects, and art activities.

Field Trips - 2-3 times a year field trips are arranged to places such as the Exploratorium, the De Young museum, and the Academy of Science