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Past Champs

2002 Everett Com. Beacon

2003 BFranklin West.Beacon

2004 Everett/VisValley Beacon

2005 Everett Com. Beacon

2006 Everett Com. Beacon

2007 Vis Valley Beacon

2008 Everett Mission Beacon

2009 JLMS Beyond the Bell

2010 Everett Owl Central

2011 Paul Revere MS

2012 Vis Valley Rock Beacon

2013 Everett Mission Beacon

2014 Everett Mission Beacon

2015 MLK Bayview Beacon

2016 Everett Mission Beacon

Everett Squad

Everett Squad

Roosevelt Squad

Roosevelt Squad

Roosevelt Website

Willie Brown Website

Flag Football

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Champions from MLK.  Tough physical game with tons of action.  Owls fall to MLK in double overtime.

Semi Finals

Semi finals  
Monday, May 1, 2017 Denman vs MLK @ MLK (PM and RC)
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Everett vs Aptos @ Everett (YS and RF)

Championship Game

Championship Game  
Friday, May 5, 2017

Everett VS  MLK, Site (Burton H.S.)

Team Photos

League Standings

Division A (Northern)


  Team W L T Points


Everett 4 0 0 12
2 Roosevelt 2 2 0 6
3 Aptos 0 4 0 0


Division B (Southern)


  Team W L T Points
1 MLK 4 0 0 12
2 Denman 2 2 0 6
3 Willie Brown 1 3 0 3
4 Vis Valley 1 3 0 3


4-4-17  Everett (W) Roosevelt (L)                                     

4-5-17 Willie B (W) V. Valley (L) OT

4-10-17 Everett (W) Aptos (L)

4-10-17  MLK (W)  Denman (L)

4-11-17 Roosevelt (W) Aptos (L)

4-12-17 Denman (W) V.Valley (L) OT

4-15-17  MLK (W) Willie Brown (L)

4-13-17 Everett (W) Roosevelt (L)

4-14-17 Denman (W) WillieBrown (L)

4-14-17 MLK (W) VisValley (L)

4-19-17 Everett (W) Aptos (L)

4-20-17 Roosevelt (W) Aptos (L)

4-21-17 Vis valley (W) Willie Brown (L)

4-21-17 MLK (W) Denman (L)


1st round Play offs

4-26-17 Aptos (W) Roosevelt (L)


Semi Finals

5-1-17 MLK VS Denman

5-2-17 Everett VS Aptos





2016 Football Champs

2016 Football Champs

Clarification around a catch

Definition:  It is deemed a catch with one foot in bounds and control of the ball before touching out of bounds.  If a participant fails to control the ball for at least a 2 seconds, it will not be considered a catch no matter if one foot or two is in bounds.

SF City Wide Flag Football League

This is a collaboration of many different after school programs.  We aim to teach our young people rules of the game and rules of life. Many of our young people have gone on to do great things in their High Schools.  Some of them even come back like our newly hired referees that once played in the league.  We believe in each of our participants and challenge them to take academics serious.  Our league is special because of all the dedicated coaches, agencies, participants, parents, schools and funders.  Thank you all for believing in our kids of San Francisco.

Team Photos

Football Forms

Completed Rosters 2017

Championship Site

Hi All

I'm proud to announce that Coach Soc and Marco Durazo has confirmed CCSF as the championship site.

Vis Valley Squad

Denman Squad

Denman Squad

MLK Squad

MLK Squad

Aptos Website