Anusasananan, Chalida
School librarian
Delgado, Maria
Attendance Clerk/Textbook
Durazo, Marco
Beacon Director
Early, Bridget
Wellness Staff
Elliott, JanetL
Main Office Secretary
Escamillo, Margaret
8th grade Counselor
Mena-DelBarrio, AlmaR
Counseling office Secretary
Urbina, Ruben
Student Advisor, Athletic Director
VanHaren, Lena
Ward, Kathleen
School Nurse

Where Do I go for Help?

Classroom Phone Problem

Do you need help with your classroom phone?

Call Janet Elliot, Main Office Secretary 3001

Computer Problems or Technology request

In need of reserving space in Computer Center or have a technology challenge?

Contact Ron Free, Computer Coordinator 3320, 3321, 3319

Work Orders/Supplies

Something wrong with your electricity, heat or repair? Need classroom supplies

Contact Janet Elliot, Main Office Secretary 3001

Text Books

In need of text books for students?

Contact, Maria Delgado, Attendance Clerk/Text Book advisor, 3121

Reserving Library Time

If you require the use of the library during the day for your class,

please contact school librarian Chalida Anusasananan.

Sports Questions/Truancy Issues/Furniture removal

Please contact Ruben Urbina, Student Advisor, 3001, 3121

After School Program

Do you need to make contact with the after school program?

Please contact Marco Durazo, Beacon Director 3019