Student Teacher Support (STS) Team

The Everett Middle School Student Teacher Support (STS) Team consists of our Assistant Principal, Dean/Head Counselor, Learning Support Professionals, Student Advisor, Community School Coordinator, School Nurse, School Psychologist, Counseling Secretary, Attendance Clerk and Security Guards.  The department works closely together to run the Student Assistant Program (SAP), Student Attendance Review Team (SART) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Programs in order to support the social and emotional growth of our young scholars.  Parents and guardians looking to check up on their child or inquire into additional support or resources can come to the Counseling Office and ask for a meeting with the appropriate staff members and teachers.  STS staff members are frequently in classrooms, checking in regularly with students to ensure their well-being and academic success in school.

Brown, Tracy Community School Coordinator-Everett Middle School
Delgado, Maria Attendance Clerk/Textbook
Dowdle, Lindsay Assistant Principal
Early, Bridget Wellness Staff
Escamillo, Margaret 8th grade Counselor
Guevara, JoseEduardo Staff, Girls Soccer, GGG
Johnson, Michael Security
Mena-DelBarrio, AlmaR Counseling office Secretary
Padilla, Teresa Security
Urbina, Ruben Student Advisor, Athletic Director
Ward, Kathleen School Nurse