Everett Middle School Partners

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Hanson Bridgett

Everett Middle School is a proud partner with the HansonBridgett law firm of San Francisco.  In 2010, our site was named as Partner of the Year and the close relationship we share continues to grow and benefit our school community.  Through this partnership, our school has been provided with Honors Luncheons, Boys Groups, one-to-one mentors, tutors, a Welcome Back Pizza Lunch for our students, colored copies of our newsletters for parents and recruitment brochures for potential Everett families, to name only a few.  HansonBridgett has been instrumental in helping our school continue moving forward in the right direction.

Hands On Bay Area (HOBA)

Hands On Bay Area continues to select Everett Middle School as one of the lucky sites to benefit from regular teams of volunteers coming through to beautify our campus and provide the much-needed hands-on help and supplies any large urban school needs.  Over the years this incredibly hard-working and talented team of individuals have come through and completed the following:  remodeling of the counseling office, painting the hallways and cafeteria, remodeling our staff courtyard, creating a Teaching and Learning Conference Room, assembling mobile literacy carts for all classrooms, installing computer intervention stations for all math, ELD and Read180 classrooms, inputting our master calendar and generally making Everett Middle School the gorgeous, welcoming place that is is.  Volunteers have joined HOBA from corporations of all types, including the GAP, NOKUBA and beyond.  This is a treasured partnership we hope will continue for many years to come!

Hands on Bay Area

Hands on Bay Area