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Everett Middle School is committed to being an exemplary school in which students are empowered to become lifelong learners and agents of change to better the community.

Thank You

Thank You

Members of Reality buying supplies at Home Depot for Everett Middle School.  Supplies cost over $2,000, Breakfast paid by Reality and over 50 Volunteers.  

Bus Zone

Please be aware.  There is a bus zone in front of the school.  You can be ticketed and towed.  Pay attention to the sign posted along with the time.

8th Grade 2014

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Honor Roll Assembly

Soccer 2014-15 City Champs

Congratulations to Coach Paz, Coach Che and the Boys soccer team for capturing the title.  It took 3 years to get it but all the boys bought into the concept of team.  Owls win 2-1 over a very tough Presidio team.  Thanks to everyone that came out to support.


Track Team

Track Season is right around the corner.  Please have your child sign up with Ms. Moberg.


1. Friday, 3-13-15,  vs Denman, at SOTA  2. Thursday, 3-18-15, vs Marina, at Kezar  

3.Friday, 3-27-15, vs BVHM, at Balboa     4. Friday, 4-10-15, vs J. LIck, at SOTA  

5. Friday, 4-17-15, vs KING, at Burton HS

all regular season meets start at 3:30 p.m.


All City Track Trials

Monday, 4-27 Kezar,  Tuesday, 4-28 Kezar,  Wednesday, 4-29 Kezar,  Friday, 5-1, 

All the All city track trials begin at 3:00 p.m.



Yearbook Sale

Cost $30.00

Cash Only, See Ruben

Everett Talent Show Info

to sign up, click on

Everett Talent

Matching Gifts

Don't forget to turn in your yellow envelopes to the front office with Janet.

Money donated will ensure we support programs and needed supplies for activities and classrooms. Please double check with your employer to see if they match "charitable donations."  Everett is  501(c) making us open for "matching." You can do a quick search if your employer matches charitable donations by searching this link http://www.cato.org/support/matchinggifts. No donation is too small-bring it with you to coffee on Thursday if that's easier for you, too!

Sports Schedules

Sports Forms

Urbina, Ruben Student Advisor, Athletic Director

Principal of the Day

Cesar Diaz found out being a principal of a school is not an easy task.  He was up for the challenge.  Cashing in his Owl bucks, Cesar wanted to experience the feeling of being principal.  His first order of business was to give all students free dress to celebrate our wonderful Valentines day celebration.  Cesar was also busy watching the halls and getting kids to class on time.  Awesome job Principal Diaz.

Cesar Diaz, Principal of the Day

Valentines Dance

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Courtyard and Vegetable Garden Owl Cafe Entrance Mural Schoolyard Our Library 826 Valencia Room Classroom Computer Station Classroom Computer Lab Front Entrance Brand New Computer Station Drama Room Parent Room Read180 Library Our Vision is Posted in All Rooms First Floor Hallway Prometheum Boards in Most Classrooms Students are Our Focus!
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Scavenger Hunt At Everett

2014-2015 SFUSD Instructional Calendar

Principal Chat Minutes

SSC Minutes

Giants Spirit Day @ Everett

VanHaren, Lena

School Tours


January 21st (English)

February 11th (English)

regular tour

tours start at 8:15 a.m.




Earthquake drills on Friday August 29th @ 10:30 a.m.