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Everett Middle School is committed to being an exemplary school in which students are empowered to become lifelong learners and agents of change to better the community.

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Bus Zone

Please be aware.  There is a bus zone in front of the school.  You can be ticketed and towed.  Pay attention to the sign posted along with the time.

White Zone

White Curbs: Passenger Loading/UnloadingMTA.jpg

White zones are for passenger loading and unloading during certain hours with a time limit of five minutes. Check nearby signs or stencils on the curb for effective hours.

The driver must remain with the vehicle at all times (limited exceptions apply at preschools and hospitals).

8th Grade 2014

Giants Spirit Day

Honor Roll

Brain Bowl

Sports Banquet

Hi All


I'm pleased to announce we set a date for Sports Banquet.  It will be Friday, May 19th Principal courtyard at 1230.  We are inviting all athletes and managers to attend.  We will also include, Girls Got Goals, Flag football and Wrestling.  If there are any parents that can help, please drop me a line.  Parents are invited as well.


All students will receive certificates and food.  Selected students will receive trophies that include, MVP, Most Inspirational, Most improved and rookie of the year.  


This will also be the first time we re introduce Block E's


If an athlete participates in at least 3 sports over the 3 year period, they will earn a Block E.  If they participate in 3 sports in one year, this will also count.  If they are on a championship team, they will also receive a block E.  Note:  We only give out Block E's.  Parents can have them mounted in a frame, attach them to jackets or sweaters.  This year block E's will only be given to 8th graders that are eligible.

SFUSD Family Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. We will use the information to make improvements as a school. Please fill out the survey for each child you have at Everett. 


Parent Survey

Black Excellence Dinner

What a spectacular event.  It was great to see so many families out enjoying an evening of Black Excellence.  Thank you all for attending.  Please click on icon below for some clips.

                   EMS Black Excellence dinner

Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals for Volleyball and Track



As part of the requirement to participate in Sports, A participant must have a current physical.  Physicals are good for only one year. If you have done regular visits with your personal Dr. The Doctor many times just signs the form provided by SFUSD.  We do not accept a letter from a Dr.  The SFUSD form must be signed.  If you haven't seen a Dr., I have arranged for Dr. Pudberry to visit our school on Wednesday, January 25th @ 1130 a.m.  This is lunch time so your child won't miss any instructions.  I'll need you to fill out the history section of the Physical form.  All sports forms are located just below.  Coaches also have access to hard copies.

Cost is $20 however our friends from Reality will pick up half the cost.  Your cost is $10.00.  Questions:  Please contact Ruben Urbina, Athletic Director.  urbinar@sfusd.edu

Truancy Letters

Hi All

I know recently many of you have received a truancy letter.  What does this mean and can it be corrected?  Mistakes do happen.  At the bottom of the letter it will share days in question.  Can those days still be cleared up?  Certainly.  We are fortunate to have an attendance clerk that can make corrections.  Please check in with Ms. Delgado with dates in question.  Worse case scenario, we may ask you to simply write a letter for each of those dates your child was sick or make corrections to shadow tours or medical appointments.  But what happens with the truancy letter?  As long as everything gets cleared up and corrected, nothing will happen and I will not push forward to next steps.  Once again my sincere apology for any mistakes that may have occurred through our site. So once again, if you have received a letter, please check the dates and then check in with Ms. Delgado.  Ms. Delgado will work with you to make necessary changes.  




Parent Google Group

 If you like to talk or just love to listen (and be informed), please consider joining the Everett Families Google Group.
You can request to join by going here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/everett-families/join
New members are added every week!

Sports Forms

Sports mandatory for participation in sports.                                           

Physical form must be in English                                                                   



PreparticipationPhysical2010 - current form.pdf


Spanish forms for sports participation



Bus return Opt out

Opt out bus return.pdf

Beacon Application (After School Program)

Mission Beacon Application 2015-2016.pdf


Urbina, Ruben Student Advisor, Athletic Director

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Welcome to Everett!

School Tours

Tours are available by appointment. Please call the school at (415) 241-6344 or email our family liaison at vegam3@sfusd.edu.


Los tours de la escuela están disponibles con cita. Por favor llame a la escuela al (415) 241-6344 para inscribirse o mande un correo electrónico a nuestra enlace de familias a vegam3@sfusd.edu

Sports Schedule

Visitors Policy

Hi All, Please remember to sign in at the front office each time you visit.  It is a district requirement for everyone visitor to sign in and receive a visitors badge.  If you wish to make an appointment with a teacher or staff person, please call in advance.  There is no guarantee you can be seen on a drop in visit, however scheduling an appointment will make everyone's life easier.  Parents or visitors should not walk around the school unless they have a visitors pass and an appointment.  We are tightening up our security to make sure all kids are safe.  Thank you




AM acceleration 8:00 8:27
Homeroom 8:30 8:40
Block 1 8:40 10:08

Block 2

10:11 11:39
Lunch Acceleration 11:39 12:28
Block 3 12:31 1:59
Block 4 2:02 3:30
PM acceleration 3:33 4:00
Beacon Program 4:00 6:00


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Haunted House Coming to EMS

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Chelsea Clinton School Visit

Chelsea Clinton Visit

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Everett Pride Week

Everett Pride Week

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Earthquake drills on Friday August 29th @ 10:30 a.m.