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Everett Middle School is committed to being an exemplary school in which students are empowered to become lifelong learners and agents of change to better the community.

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Caught on Camera: Everett 1st-Ever Portfolio Exhibitions!

Caught on Camera: Everett 1st-Ever Portfolio Exhibitions!

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Courtyard and Vegetable Garden Owl Cafe Entrance Mural Schoolyard Our Library 826 Valencia Room Classroom Computer Station Classroom Computer Lab Front Entrance Brand New Computer Station Drama Room Parent Room Read180 Library Our Vision is Posted in All Rooms First Floor Hallway Prometheum Boards in Most Classrooms Students are Our Focus!
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School Tours

School Tours will occur every Wednesday morning starting at 8:15, meeting in the front Auditorium lobby.  Our first official school tour will occur on Wednesday, September 11th 2013.  We look forward to showing off our amazing school!  Until then, you can check out our "Virtual Tour" on this website.